Truck Coil Spring Stools

Take some vintage spring coils from a old truck. Add a top on it to that you can sit on, and what do you get? Some really cool stools. I searched for these everywhere and pretty much you just cant find them. If you want them you’ll have to make them. First place to look would be the junkyard. They might have some giant coils, if your lucky. Then you just attach the top of your choice. Then you will have some stools that are guaranteed jaw droppers. nobody else will have them And they will for sure become a major conversation piece in any place they are used. Tell me what you think and comment below, Is this trash or treasure?


2 thoughts on “Truck Coil Spring Stools

  1. I really like these stools, but I think it would be hard to find these coils. If you do go on a journey to find them and do find them and do make them, they are definitely a treasure.

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